Patient undergoing dental therapy

Same Day Emergency Dental Care

If in need of emergency dental care, please don’t hesitate to call Hassan Hashim in Dothan, AL.

Patient undergoing a dental therapy

Post Surgery Instructions

Please read and follow the instructions for your Post surgery care.

    - Tomorrow rinse gently every 3-4 hours (especially after meals) with warm salty water.
    - Mix 1 tsp of salt with a glass of warm water and rinse lightly. You need to brush your teeth normal on second day with a soft tooth brush, lightly cleaning around the area.

    This may cause the clot to come out and may result in a possible Dry Socket. No Smoking, sucking through a straw, or spitting. DO NOT SMOKE FOR at least 48 hours after surgery.
  3. BLEEDING- KEEP GAUZE IN PLACE FOR 45 MINUTES WITH FIRM PRESSURE APPLIED. Do not place any additional gauze in your mouth once you remove the initial packing. It is normal for the site to ooze blood today. If persistent bleeding occurs, place damp tea bag on the extraction site to stop persistent bleeding.
  4. MEDICATION- Take your medication as prescribed within (1) hour after surgery. Avoid taking medication on an empty stomach. Ibuprofen such as Advil or Motrin is a good pain reliever as well as a healing agent, and may be used instead of the prescribed pain medication or alternated. Be sure to take all of your antibiotics if prescribed.
  5. SWELLING- There will be some swelling with Oral Surgery.
    Only, if Dr. Hassan orders an ice pack to be placed on the site at the time of the procedure would you place ice and never apply heat. If an ice pack is ordered use it up until bedtime the day of the procedure only, after that time no more ice.
  6. NAUSEA – Most nausea occurs due to pain medication. Again avoid taking medications on an empty stomach.
  7. DIET- Eat soft foods after extractions and/or surgery for the next couple of days. Ex: jello, eggs,mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, etc. Do not eat anything too hot or too spicy. Do not use a straw.
  8. BONEY EDGES - Small bone fragments may work up through the gum during healing. If this occurs, please return to our office for an examination.

After leaving our office, please keep the packing in and undisturbed for 45 minutes, continue to swallow while the packing is in your mouth. (Unless #3 applies-excessive bleeding- DO NOT PLACE ANY OTHER PACKING IN YOUR MOUTH.) You may eat and drink anything when the feeling returns. Do not take your medicine on an empty stomach. Do not put any other packing, gauze, cotton, or other in your mouth.

By following these instructions, recovery will quicken and prevent complications. If any unusual symptoms occur, please call our office during business hours or call after hours at


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